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  2. Minister of Family, Housing, Community Service and Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin visited the APY region.  Cathy Wintinna spoke to her about the governments plan to introduce the Basic’s card and income management.Cathy Wintinna with Jenny Macklin

  3. MAI WIRU (Good Food) is very expensive on the APY Lands. 5npy’s Cathy Wintinna talks to John Tregenza from Nganampa Health about the high price of healthy foods and how the ‘Good Food Policy’ is working to make Anangu people eat better and cheaper. 

  4. Behind the scenes look at PY Media production team filming at Uluru.

  5. Renal Disease has reached epidemic proportions across the Lands.  Families are being torn apart as patients have to travel long distances for treatment.  Recently the NPY Women’s Council held a big meeting at Umuwa to discuss Renal Disease.  Many Anangu women shared their personal stories of loss and pain.  PY media recorded the event.  5NPY broadcaster Jamie-Lee Stewart presents their stories.